Here at Diablo Detail we have been applying advanced paint protection products such as ceramic coatings for many years and have used and tested the vast majority of offerings available and are proud to be trained and approved by Nanolex who from our experience produce the very best coatings and maintenance products.

Based in Germany Nanolex produce the most effective, most durable, best performing sealants and cleaning chemicals with the highest quality you can possibly find. Being car care enthusiasts themselves their credo is to produce the products they would want to use themselves and offer only the very best products and of all the manufacturers we have tried and tested over the years Nanolex meets our very high expectations every time.

Nanolex Approved Detailer
Ceramic Coatings

Frequently asked questions

Is ceramic coating the same stuff the dealership offers?

Quite simply NO! in most cases dealerships are not offering professional grade ceramic coatings. usually their offerings are SiO2 based sealants that are often applied staff that are simply not given the time or training required to ensure the proper preparation and application to live up to the bold sales claims.

How long does a ceramic coating last?

Depending on which coating is chosen durability can typically be from 2 to 5+ Years aslong as the coating has been applied correctly to a properly prepared vehicle, and is then maintained as recommended.

Can Ceramic coating be done mobile on my driveway?

No! we will not apply ceramic coatings outside. ideally ceramic coatings need to be applied in a controlled environment like our purpose built detailing studio to ensure proper application so the product does not fail prematurely.

Will a ceramic coat stop my car getting scratches and stonechips?

No, but as it is a harder more resistant surface than the paint itself it it more resilient so it helps reduce the likelihood or severity of damage such as swirls, scratches, bird mess etching etc.