Detailing is the restoration and protection of a vehicles paintwork. The process involves multiple stages including fully cleaning and decontaminating the vehicle, which starts out very much like valeting but then goes to that extra level, sometimes requiring the removal of parts such as wheels and badges to reach a level of clinically clean that ensures the paintwork is completely bare and free of any contaminants that affect the correction stage which is where the vehicle paintwork is restored by the use of specialist machine polishing equipment which corrects swirl marks, light scratches and holograms usually caused by poor washing technique and weathering over time, that can make the paintwork look dull and lack depth destroying the levels of gloss and shine.

The last step in the detailing process is to protect the vehicle using the highest quality products specially chosen for your specific vehicle and detail package.


New Car Detail Norfolk

New Car Detail

The New Car Detail package is the perfect way to start ownership. Offering a much better quality and value service than dealerships ensuring that your vehicle looks it's best and is protected against the elements.

Protection Detail Norwich

Protection Detail

Our Protection Detail is designed to do exactly that, Protect your vehicle from the elements, it is also a great way to gain an insight into how the Diablo Detail treatment can both improve and protect the appearance of your car.

Enhancement Detail Norwich

Enhancement Detail

This is our most popular detail service and is designed to make your vehicle stand out by removing minor imperfections in the paintwork such as light scratches, marring and swirl marks leaving a super smooth glossy finish

Paint Correction Detail Norfolk

Correction Detail

This detail service is similar to our Enhancement Detail but it is targeted for those vehicles with deeper imperfections in the paintwork such as light-medium scratches, marring and swirl marks giving an even better finish, for those wanting to go that extra mile and striving for perfection.




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