All packages firstly start with a full safe wash, decontamination and inspection process to ensure the paintwork is free off anything that could possibly negatively affect any of the chosen treatments and after all polishing has been completed they all include application of a high quality paint sealant offering around 6 months of protection with the option of adding extras such as ceramic coatings, wheel refurbishment or any of our other services.

Done In A Day Detail | From £195 | 1 Day

A single stage machine polish with an all in one polish both restoring and improving gloss aswell as adding protection at the same time

Enhancement Detail | From £295 | 2 Days

A single stage machine polish using various size machines allowing polishing of intricate areas removing typically around 60-70% of surface defects.

Minor Correction Detail | From £495 |  3-4 Days

Two stages of machine polishing, a heavy cut compound to remove deeper marks followed by a fine finishing stage to really pull out some serious gloss, this process will typically remove 75+% of surface defects.

Major Correction Detail | From £750 | 5+ Days

Multiple stages of machine polishing, really going for gold and chasing perfection removing as many defects as possible where safe to do so. this process will typically remove 90+% of surface defects.

The Diablo Detail | From £1200 | 7+ Days

The Full Works, Pièce de résistance, The Dogs Danglies. 

This is a Major Correction Detail with all of the optional add ons, Wheels off Detail, Flagship Ceramic Coatings to all surfaces, Interior treatments, Engine Bay, Exhausts you name it it gets cleaned and protected!

Not Sure Which Package?

Feel free to send us a message or give us a call and we will endeavour to talk through the options and advise as best as possible.

Want to see what your money gets you? 

why not book a safe wash and test spot for £50, this gives you the opportunity to see first hand on your own vehicle the level of finish we could achieve with our packages.

Ceramic Coatings

Upgrade To A Ceramic Coating

Providing outstanding protection in the form of increased toughness, scratch resistance, chemical resistance and water behaviour alongside incredible depth and gloss a ceramic coating is the perfect way to finish off any of the above packages sealing in that enhanced and corrected paintwork protecting your investment.