This package is designed for vehicles with minor imperfections in the paintwork such as light scratches, marring and swirl marks.

The Enhancement Detail on average removes 60-75%+ of these defects leaving a super smooth glossy finish that really stands out.


  • Wheels cleaned with ph neutral cleaner and various brushes.

  • Arch liners and Tyres cleaned using APC and various brushes.

  • Vehicle pre-rinsed to remove loose dirt.

  • Lowers soaked in a pre-wash solution and left to dwell to soften dirt and grime.

  • Rinse.

  • Snowfoam applied to the whole vehicle and left to dwell.

  • Window rubbers, badges and fuel cap recess cleaned with APC and a soft brush.

  • Rinse.

  • Door shuts cleaned with APC and a soft brush.

  • Thorough pressure rinse.

  • Exterior bodywork surfaces washed using Lambswool wash mitt and the 2 Bucket Method.

  • Rinse.

  • Tar safely removed from all exterior surfaces.

  • Rinse.

  • Iron contamination safely removed from exterior surfaces.

  • Rinse.

  • Whole vehicle clayed to remove any remaining bonded contamination.

  • Vehicle given a final rinse, before being towel dried.

  • Paintwork given a single stage machine polishing process correcting minor imperfections.

  • Durable sealant or wax applied to all painted surfaces

  • Glass polished and treated with rain repellant

  • Exhaust tips polished and sealed

  • Tyres and plastic trim dressed

  • Final wipe down and inspection before handover​​​​​​


Prices From: £200

Optional Bolt Ons

Interior Protection

Full deep clean followed by application of specialist protective coatings applied to fabric, leather, carpet and plastics.

From £60

Engine Bay Detail

Engine bay cleaned and degreased using professional products, steam and various brushes before plastics and rubbers conditioned and sealed.

From £40

Wheels Off Upgrade

Wheels removed and fully decontaminated followed by application of durable wheel sealant/ Ceramic Coating to backs aswell as the faces of the alloys

From £70




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