Striving for paintwork perfection often leaving a superior finish to it's original showroom condition.

Using a multitude of machine polishing passes to remove the heavier defects found on most vehicles such as random deep scratches, bird etchings, sanding marks etc.

Sometimes 100% correction isn’t always possible; compromise has to be made on areas with thin clear coat where it would be impractical to sacrifice lacquer and to run the risk of striking through. Also, as a general rule, scratches that you can ‘feel’ with your fingernail will usually require paint (However they can be visibly reduced by ‘rounding off’ the edges with correct machine technique).

Typically, over 95% correction will be met with a Major Paint Correction Detail and is guaranteed to transform your vehicle.


- Wheels cleaned with ph neutral cleaner and various brushes.

- Arch liners and Tyres cleaned using APC and various brushes.

- Vehicle pre-rinsed to remove loose dirt.

- Lowers soaked in a pre-wash solution and left to dwell to soften dirt and grime.

- Snowfoam applied to the whole vehicle and left to dwell.

- Window rubbers, badges and fuel cap recess cleaned with APC and a soft brush.

- Door shuts cleaned with APC and a soft brush.

- Thorough pressure rinse.

- Exterior bodywork surfaces washed using Lambswool wash mitt and the 2 Bucket Method.

- Tar safely removed from all exterior surfaces.

- Iron contamination safely removed from exterior surfaces.

- Whole vehicle clayed to remove any remaining bonded contamination.

- Vehicle given a final rinse, before being towel dried.

- Multiple cutting machine stages correcting deeper imperfections where safe to do so.

- Refining machine polishing stage enhancing gloss and clarity.

- Durable sealant or wax applied to all painted surfaces

- Glass polished and treated with rain repellant

- Exhaust tips polished and sealed

- Tyres and plastic trim dressed

- Final wipe down and inspection before handover​​​​​​

Estimated time: 4+ days

From:   £POA

Optional Bolt Ons

Engine Bay Detail

Engine bay cleaned and degreased using professional products, steam and various brushes before plastics and rubbers conditioned and sealed.

From:  £40

Interior Protection

Full deep clean followed by application of specialist protective coatings applied to fabric, leather, carpet and plastics.

From:  £60

Ceramic Coatings

The next level in paint protection for upto 5 years and with options available for most surfaces including paintwork, wheels, brake calipers, glass and exhausts.

From:  £150




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