Engine Bay Detail


Wheels Off Detail | £150

A wheel’s off detail is going to enable a much more thorough cleaning process of the wheels and to enable a complete ceramic coating application for the inner barrels. The arches are deep-cleaned, decontaminated and protected. If preservation of these areas is important for you, then a wheel’s off detail, should be a consideration.


Engine Bay Detail | From £50

Engine bays are often overlooked when it comes to the car cleaning process. However can be the perfect way of breathing some new life back into the heart of the car. All accessible areas are cleaned fully dried using a heated blower and all plastics are dressed. Precautionary measures are taken to ‘mask off’ exposed intakes and every care is taken, whilst carrying out this entire process.


Alloy Wheel Refurbishment | From £290 a set

Working with a local company we are able to offer professional wheel refurbishment including Diamond Cut Finishes. Once the wheels have been completed we apply a dedicated wheel wax to the faces and inner barrels or you can upgrade to a ceramic coating for a discounted rate.


Brake Caliper Painting | From £245 a set

Whether you want to transform your tired old brake calipers or just want to add your own unique touch to your car with our superb Brake Caliper Painting service, with the ability to match almost any automotive paint colour you really can make your car stand out and reflect your style.

Using our in-house plotter, we are able to recreate manufacturer logos or even design your own custom decals and produce them in a number of colours making the possibilities endless


Convertible Roof Deep Clean & Protection | From £75

Convertible roofs, if not treated correctly, are prone to attracting the green algae that loves to thrive on the moist fabric surface. A deep clean with a suitable product and various brushes, restores the condition and then treated with a suitable fabric protector which forms a durable and effective protection barrier, to fight against all forms of natural and industrial contamination.