We do things different at Diablo Detail, we offer two in depth packages that will deliver uncompromised results so whether its a mini, a motorhome or a supercar we can make it shine, these services are available from our purpose built detailing studio or you can have our fully kitted out mobile van come to your home or work.

Executive Valet

This package is designed as a comprehensive valet which gets both the interior and exterior looking top notch, considering this is our entry level package the results are outstanding and is the perfect starting point before joining our regular maintenance program

Small - £70

(Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta)

Large - £80

(BMW 5 Series, Jaguar XF)

Medium - £75

(VW Golf, Audi A4)

X-Large - £90

(Range Rover Sport, Audi Q7)

  • Wheel faces and inside barrels cleaned with soft brushes 

  • Vehicle covered in pre wash/snow foam and allowed to soak  before being rinsed to soften and remove loose dirt

  • Intricate clean using soft detailing brush and appropriate cleaner for gaps, edges, door shuts, fuel flap and hard to reach areas.

  • Two bucket, two mitt with grit guard wash method with PH neutral shampoo for the safest of washes.

  • Application of specialist product to safely dissolve road tar before being safely rinsed away.

  • Car dried using luxury microfibre towels/air blower.

  • The vehicle is then hand polished before applying our signature spray wax adding depth and gloss to the paintwork.

  • Exterior glass cleaned to a crystal clear finish.

  • Exhaust tips cleaned & polished.

  • Tyres dressed.


Then we move onto the interior:


  • Full interior hoover and dust.

  • Boot and spare wheel bay cleaned.

  • Roof lining cleaned.

  • All interior components deep cleaned and left protected (dash, doors, wheel, peddles etc).

  • Leather professionally cleaned and protected.

  • All interior windows cleaned.

This service takes 3-4 hours depending on vehicle size/condition.

Our Signature Deep Clean

Exactly as the name suggests, this is a full deep clean throughout, great for those vehicles that need a bit of everything and especially common for a pre sale service to ensure the vehicle has that wow factor.

Small - £130

(Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta)

Large - £140

(BMW 5 Series, Jaguar XF)

Medium - £135

(VW Golf, Audi A4)

X-Large - £150

(Range Rover Sport, Audi Q7)

  • Starts with the Executive Valet

   Then in addition:

  • Full chemical decontamination process, fallout/ iron filings and tar removal.

  • High grade wax/and or sealant applied (6 months protection).

  • Full interior steam cleaning and disinfectant process carried out.

  • Carpets shampooed and extracted.

  • Engine bay deep clean and protection.

This service takes 6-8 hours depending on vehicle size/condition.

Join our regular maintenance program

And keep your car shining for a discounted rate!




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